Shush Stylist Kit Selection


Shush Kit

The base Shush Style Kit.
1st month of your Shush website
3 pairs of sample shoes
1 handbag
1 electronic version of the Shush Shoes look-book

Select clothing options below by entering a Qty.


Clothing Kit Upgrade #1

2 pairs of Up! Pants
1 Kimono Floral tops by Peggy
1 black and white top like Amy modeled
1 Summer Tank

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Clothing Kit Upgrade #2

3 pairs of Up! Pants
2 Kimono Floral tops
1 Swag Tank in custom fabric (you Choose)
1 Black and White Top
2 Summer Tanks
1 Handbags

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Shoe Kit Upgrade #3

3 More Pairs of Shoes!!

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